New & Improved CBD Bath Bombs

As you may know, Shana is a huge fan of our HempWorx CBD Bath Bombs.  They were already great, but now they have been seriously upgraded.

Our initial HempWorx Bath Box contained 4 CBD bath bombs.  Our new & improved HempWorx Bath Box contains 6 CBD bath bombs for the same price – and triple the amount of CBD per bath bomb!

New Formula 3x the CBD And 6 Bath Bombs per Box

Soak the day away with these amazing CBD Bath Bombs.  

The new and improved formula is still non-GMO and gluten free, as well as vegan and cruelty-free.  These bath bombs are infused with pure essential oils.  Our original bath bombs contained 10mg of our organically grown CBD.  These ones contain 30mg each of CBD, and again, they are being offered for the same price!  Plus they have no colorants or dyes.

Each Hempworx CBD Bath Box contains six blissful aromas:  

  • Violet Dreams (Lavendar)
  • Ocean Breeze (Sea Salt) 
  • Natural Oasis (Oatmeal, Milk & Honey) 
  • Summer Submersion (Lemongrass)
  • Citrus Seclusion (Citrus)
  • Serene Soak (Green Tea)

Check out this short video about our new bath bombs:

This is a perfect time for de-stressing with all that is going on in the world.  These CBD bath bombs are handmade with love and care with you in mind, to give you the perfect relaxing bath experience.

Are you someone who loves the details about things, like we do?  Click here for our in depth article on our CBD bath bombs – the post includes all of the ingredients. 

To place your special order, click here to order your CBD bath bombs.  And please, after you have indulged yourself, write a comment and let us know which one is your favorite – you may have a difficult time choosing!


“I love how pure the Hempworx Bath Bombs are.  Having clean ingredients in everything I ingest and put on my skin is very important to me.  I take baths fairly often because I tend to feel stress in my body, and I deal with joint discomfort regularly.

When I take a bath using one of these CBD-infused bath bombs, I get out feeling very relaxed, and I notice that any joint discomfort I had going in is reduced.”

— Shana F, San Diego, CA