Below are labels for the three different sizes of HempWorx CBD Oil, with HempWorx CBD oil ingredients and serving size information.  For CBD dosage guidelines for humans, click here.  For CBD dosage guidelines for pets, click here.

HempWorx 500 Mint Flavor – Product Label

The peppermint flavor is our favorite.  It is a very gentle and pure tasting peppermint.

HempWorx 500 Natural Flavor – Product Label

The natural flavor is a somewhat nutty flavor, similar to the flavor of hemp oil you might buy in a store to put on salads.  It is great for anyone who dislikes or cannot tolerate mint flavor.

HempWorx CBD oil ingredients - HempWorx 500 Natural

HempWorx 750 Mint Flavor – Product Label

As mentioned above, we really love the peppermint flavor.  It is a very clean and pure tasting peppermint.

HempWorx CBD oil ingredients - HempWorx 750 Peppermint

HempWorx 750 Natural Flavor – Product Label

The natural flavor is a sort of nutty flavor, great for large animals and for anyone who strongly dislikes mint.

HempWorx CBD oil ingredients - HempWorx 750 Natural

HempWorx for Pets – HempWorx 250 Bacon Flavor – Product Label

We haven’t actually tasted the bacon flavored CBD oil, but our cat has, and she enjoys it.  When we smell the CBD Oil for pets, it has a gentle bacon scent.

HempWorx CBD oil ingredients - HempWorx for Pets 250

More about HempWorx CBD Oil Ingredients

Because we are label-readers, we wanted to provide you with easy-to-read versions of the labels so you could easily see the HempWorx CBD Oil ingredients.  We hope you find this useful!

Also, we are very proud that our CBD is grown without pesticides or herbicides, is non-GMO and organic, and that our CBD oil is tested to ensure it does not contain contaminants.  This, along with the purity and potency of HempWorx CBD oil is why we decided to become affiliates and share it with you.  To see the third-party lab test results for HempWorx CBD oil, click here.

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3 thoughts on “HempWorx CBD Oil Ingredients”

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  2. I am curious about your labeling. For example, on the bottle for Hempworx 750 it clearly says there are only 15 mg. of cannabidiol per serving. Is the 750 referring to the total amount in the bottle? It is a little misleading to me not to make it plain that per serving a consumer is getting 15 mgs, not 750 mgs. People who don’t know won’t necessarily know!

    1. Hi Marjorie – I understand the confusion. It took me some time at first to understand CBD labeling. This is how it seems to be done industry-wide in the CBD arena. The bottles list how many total mg are in the bottle, then when you go to the detailed label, it shows how many mg per serving and how many drops of oil make up a serving. That’s one reason I wrote this blog post:

      We are distributors of this product and don’t have control over the naming or labeling, but I hope this info helps!


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