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Interested in HempWorx prices?

Below are the prices for our HempWorx non-GMO, organically grown CBD oil products, grown and made in the U.S.  Our products are tested to ensure they are free of impurities.  Want to see the lab reports?  Just click here.

Why HempWorx CBD?  Click on the video by co-founder Jenna Zwagil that explains why HempWorx CBD products are different.


Our products can be purchased as single items, and many of our products are available in packs that allow you to save.  In fact, our Directors Pack for HempWorx products allows you to Buy 3 Get 1 Free!  When you place your order, shipping charges will be added, along with tax (if applicable).



CBD Pet Oil (250 mg) or
CBD Dog Treats
(2.5mg ea 30/per bag)

$39 Member*/$49 Retail 
or $69 for 2 items*

(or see our Value Packs to save $77-$229)


HempWorx 500 CBD Oil
(500 mg of Full Spectrum
or THC-Free)

$69 Member*/$89 Retail
(or see our Value Packs to save $77-$229)

Upgrade to
HempWorx 750 CBD Oil
for $20 more per bottle


CBD Relief Cream, CBD Revive Lightweight Night Cream or CBD Renew Face Cream (w Apple Stem Cells)

$69 Member*/$89 Retail

(or see our Value Packs to save $77-$229)


CBD Coffee,
CBD Gummies or
CBD Softgels (w Melatonin, Curcumin, CoffeeBerry or Vitality)

$69 Member*/ $89 Retail

(or see our Value Packs to save $77-$229)


Hemp Hand/Body Lotion,
“Liquid Gold”
Hemp Hair Serum,
Hemp Shampoos,
Hemp Conditioners or
Hemp Hair Masks

$29-$69 Member*/ $36.50-$89 Retail

(or see our Value Packs to save $37-$229)


Peak Antioxidant Spray,
Boost Energy Spray,
Brain Focus Spray,
Trim365 Garcinia Spray,
Sleep Formula Spray or
Shield pH Spray

$24.95 Member* /
$34.95 Retail

(or see our Value Packs to save up to $199)


Mantra Essential Oil Blends Set:
$149 Member* /
$199 Retail

Mantra Individual Essential Oils:
$10-$29 Member* /
$29-36.50 Retail

Mantra Individual Essential Oils 7-Pack Set:
$99 Member* /
$129 Retail


Botanical CBD Face Mask
Member*: $7.99 ea
(or $59 for 10)

Retail: $9.99 ea
(or $74 for 10)

Botanical Face Mask
Member*: $6.99 ea
(or $59 for 10)

Retail: $8.49 ea
(or $74 for 10)

(or see our Value Packs to save $80+)


High Life Travel Membership:
$29/mo or $199/yr

Executive High Life Travel Membership:
$599 for 6 mos or $799/year

Learn about the High Life Travel Portal
and see how much you can save on hotels, cruises and more!

* For Member pricing, simply create a free account when you place your order.  You are not obligated to make any future purchases, but you will have an account available if you do want to re-order.

We ship CBD products to all 50 states in the US, as well as the UK, Europe and Nigeria.  We ship our nutritional sprays and Hemp Haircare products to the U.S., Canada and to 200+ countries.

Interested in HempWorx Prices on wholesale CBD products for your retail outlet in the USA?  Take a look at our Wholesale Program.

Shipping Policy

HempWorx products are only available in the United States. Orders process within 24-48 hours from the time you place your order and the average transit time is 5-10 business days. Transit times will vary based on your location. MyDailyChoice is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Once our carriers indicate that the item has been delivered, we consider the order complete.

All shipments are sent through USPS, UPS, and DHL. Carriers may also vary depending on your location. If a product is damaged at the time of delivery, you must make a claim within 10 business days by  support@mydailychoice.com or calling Customer Support at 888-877-5436.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have a 60 day refund policy. If you are dissatisfied with the HempWorx products or you have changed your mind – we will refund order as its within 60 days of placing your order. To be eligible for a refund, you must request a return authorization number and return the entire order, even if the bottle(s) are empty. We do not issue partial refunds/returns. Please refer to the contact page for our return addresses. You will be refunded for the product value only, (not any shipping expenses). For questions, please email support@mydailychoice.com or call 888-877-5436.

How to Place an Order

HempWorx CBD Oil ProductsWhen you are ready to start your purchase, follow these steps.

  1. Click here to get to BUY NOW page for our HempWorx CBD Products .  The link will open in a new tab.
  2. Follow the steps here on our How To Order page.
  3. Select the product(s) you want to purchase.  (Be sure to check our Director Pack (BUY 3 GET 1 FREE)!for certain HempWorx products!)
  4. To access your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the order page
  5. When you get to the checkout page Your HempWorx Referrer Code is “rickandshana” or you can click on the GREEN BUTTON:

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Then just enter your information and follow the prompts to complete the checkout process, and your order will be on its way to you!!!

Place Your Order

You will receive an email with your order information, and you can log into your account to track shipping progress.  To log into your account, go to https://hempworx.com/rickandshana and click LOGIN in the upper right corner.

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