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Bravo for Hempworx!

“My son has always wanted a German Shepard. While he was in the Marine Corp, his wife bought him one from a local mall in California for Christmas. Seven years later he was diagnosed with a spinal dysplasia and not expected to live more than 8 months. I was introduced to Hempworx for pets and bought a bottle for my son to give to his dog. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, Bravo had been dragging is hind legs and his nails were wearing down. The meds from the vet were making him tired and he wasn’t eating to well. Mind you this is a very large dog, 120#. Bravo started on Hempworx CBD Oil, despite not getting it twice a day and mainly only at night (my daughter in law doesn’t believe in it so my son sneaks it to him). Here we are about 5 months later. Bravo now can again go up their stairs to sleep in bed with my son, no longer dragging his hind legs and eating and begging again for droppings. The vet can’t believe how well he’s doing!!! I am totally convinced it is the work of Hempworx!!! Bravo is the large dog laying down. He’s doing so well!!!”  – Kate & Bravo
Kate and Bravo

CBD for Cats

HempWorx For My Cat!  CBD also works on pets! My daughters 15 year old cat was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease 5 months ago. He began to have rapid decline in health, we were preparing for euthanasia. After 1 dose of CBD, he began eating his kidney approved food and was playing like a kitten, which we haven’t seen in many months!


Jamie Marie

Can CBD Support Kidney Function?

“My wife has one kidney and it leaks protein. Her Urine Protein/Creatinine Ratio test from yesterday is dramatically better. She has been using the CBD oil for about 3 weeks. She has only had a low test once or twice in 16 years. Very exciting if this is from the CBD. She’s not taking any other supplement. She gets tested every 6 months.” – Robert C
Robert C

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